Vince Carter is still hooping

Memphis is favored by 3 over Golden State tonight in NBA action, and 37-year old Vince Carter is a big reason the Grizzlies lead 57-49 at halftime, easily covering the first-half spread of 1.5.
Memphis (19-4) and Golden State (21-2) are two of the best teams in the NBA this season, so I had to tune in. Perhaps I am a little out of touch, perhaps because of football season, but I was stunned to see Carter splashing three 3-pointers in the first half.
Carter appears healthy and happy, as do the rest of the Grizzlies. If betting were a possibility, I would be eager to wager on the Grizz whenever I had the chance.
They are 12-11 against the spread prior to tonight.

Duped by the great Manziel

All the talk this morning is about Johnny Manziel laying an egg against the Bengals, so I might as well chime in.
Our little betting game between me and two friends (read previous posts), just so happened to pick the Cleveland-Cincinnati game as the game of the week.
Guess who all three of us took to cover 1.5 points. That’s right, Manziel and the Browns. So, that’s 30 bucks in the grand pot, because all of us were dumb enough to buy into the hype.
Thanks, Johnny Football. Major disappointment.

Never again

I hereby promise to never pick against my instincts again. I picked the Bears in a betting game with my friends Thursday and watched them get crushed by the Cowboys, just like I knew they would.
The betting game we play is a new idea that goes like this: all three of us have to pick against the spread on the NFL Thursday Night Football game and then we rotate taking turns picking a game of the week from the NFL’s remaining games each week and we all pick against that spread as well.
Those who pick correctly owe nothing and those who pick poorly owe $10, which goes into a pot that will go to a final winner involving a bet on the Super Bowl. Those who pick the most successfully contribute the least to the pot and have the most to gain on the finale.
This week’s game of the week is the Seahawks at Eagles. I am taking the Seahawks and 1.5 points.

Forced to take Chicago against my will

I play a wagering game with two friends. We all have to pick against the spread on every Thursday Night Football game. Losers throw $10 in the pot, which grows throughout the season.

Chicago hosts Dallas on this week’s NFL outlier and the Cowboys have to give 3.5 points. Both my friends picked the Cowboys to cover without hesitation, and my instinct tells me the same. While there is no rule in place to force me to take the Bears, what fun is a betting game with no opposition?

I am taking the home underdog, just to make our game more interesting. The Bears have looked beyond atrocious all season, but have covered nearly half their spreads this season. Dallas has covered exactly half. If the Bears cover, it wouldn’t be the first time I went against my instincts in this game and won.


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